Putra Chandra Sentosa is a company engaged in the distribution of food processing and packaging machinery. It was founded in 2004 as a commercial enterprise for small-scale business in the area of North Jakarta. Thanks to its professionalism and health management expertise, the company has grown rapidly into one of the three biggest companies that supply food processing and packaging machines in Indonesia.


Putra Chandra Sentosa aims to become the leading company that provides excellent products for the growing needs of the packaging and food processing industry.


  1. To provide quality products and excellent service that meets the needs of Indonesian and Asian markets.
  2. To develop a strong human resource workforce that nurtures passion, professionalism and teamwork.
  3. To fulfill the interests and expectations of stakeholders.


Our company believes that every individual should be committed in the performance of their duties, upholding a noble character with commendable business ethics. test

In this spirited company, our dedicated employees consider their jobs as both a calling and a passion.

Here, everyone works together to achieve common goals. That is how we successfully operate – with great leadership and teamwork.

We continuously develop and make improvements in all areas of our work in order to get optimized values and results.

Everyone is committed to work accurately and thoroughly on the basis of competency with full responsibility.